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Happy Kids with Books
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English Adventure for Kids: Learning Through Play!

🎉 Join the Fun and Learn English with Exciting Activities! 🌈


Discover the Joy of Language through Play:


🖌 Craft Time: Let your child's creativity shine! Engage in arts and crafts activities designed to enhance vocabulary. From making colourful flashcards to creating language-themed artwork, our craft sessions make learning English an artistic adventure.


🎤 Sing Along with English Tunes: Turn language learning into a melody! Through interactive singing sessions, children not only learn new words but also improve pronunciation effortlessly. Catchy tunes and engaging lyrics make every lesson a musical delight.


🌟 Storytelling Magic: Immerse your child in the enchanting world of stories. Our storytelling sessions are carefully crafted to build English language skills. Watch as your little ones become storytellers, enhancing both speaking and listening abilities.


🎨 Expressive Drawing Sessions: Foster language skills through the stroke of a brush! Drawing sessions not only encourage self-expression but also introduce new English words. From illustrating their favourite stories to creating visual dictionaries, children learn while having fun.


Why Choose My Program?


✅ Certified English Language Instructors

✅ Interactive and Playful Learning Environment

✅ Small Class Sizes for Individual Attention

✅ Engaging Activities Tailored for Each Age Group

✅ Progress Tracking for Continuous Improvement


Age Groups:

👶 Little Explorers (3-5 years)

🧒 Junior Adventurers (6-8 years)

👦 Young Explorers (9-12 years)

👦 Preparation Class for Cambridge Exams (Ages 9 and above)


Register Now for a Language Adventure!


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🌟 Unlock the World of English in a Playful Way! 🌟

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