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January 8, 2021

This is a story about a special and strong bond, what is called ‘sibling love’.

It is a story about sharing, losing, waiting, believing, understanding, accepting, loving, keeping, changing and so many other different feelings which always exist together and cannot be separated.



April 9, 2021

I am having a Baby, this pregnancy diary is a lovely colorful book for first time Mothers. This diary includes, for example, weekly diary entries, there are plenty of place for photo collage, for the favourite boy or girl baby names, pages for to do lists or for the important things to buy for their Little Ones before arrival, plus there are extra pages for writing about feelings and thoughts as well. This diary is an excellent present for the first time Mothers who would like to write every single moment of their pregnancy journey and who would like to keep these beautiful memories of their lives.



August, 2021.

This is a story about friendship with lots of feelings, loyalty, tears, smiles, misunderstanding and forgiveness too. Sometimes we wish to be a lone, just in peace and quiet..but do not forget how difficult it can be without good friends! So be careful what you wish for...but if you have good friends, try to hold on to them. ​ It is available on Amazon in Paperback and in eBook too!

Las Notas Musicales y Yo

Tapa blanda – 24 octubre 2021

Ludmila is a very kind girl whose best friends are musical notes. Together they compose very lively and fun songs, but they also turn the whole house upside down. Ludmila will discover that music and fun are not incompatible with respect and coexistence. This book is focused on children between 2 and 7 years old, it will teach the youngest in a pleasant way the basic notions about musical notes and know how to find simple solutions to the most complex problems.

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