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What is your story?

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Dear Reader,

I hope you are well. This is the first time when I write my own blog.

I hope you will enjoy to read my story.

As you have read I moved to Spain with my family. I have two lovely boys, their names are Dom and Barney. They really missed their home from the UK.

The first year was very difficult. Every night they were crying and asked to move back to the UK. They did not have friends in the new school and they did not speak Spanish at all. It was heartbreaking for me to listen this every single night or day. My husband and me just wanted to give more opportunities and a better quality life for them.

Have you moved to other countries with your family? What is your experience?

If you have time to share some of your thoughts I would be happy to read it!

Dear Reader,

I hope you are well and you can enjoy the Summer. It was another hot day today. I am not complaining about this nice weather, I really like sunshine. I think it is true, sunshine makes your day better!

It is almost the end of the day, my sons are playing so I can sit down and write a few lines.

I am happy to share my second children book is almost ready to launch.

Music Notes and Me gets some final smoothing. The book is with my editor.

At the moment, it will be available in a paperback format but I am working on to create the eBook version as well.

My sons really like this story, much better than my first book - My Little Brother and Me. They think that is a sad story, especially Barney because he saw himself crying on the first few pages. He did not understand why I did not pick him up if he was crying. "Where were you Mummy? Why did you not give me a kiss?" - he asked when he heard this story the first time.

Anyway Music Notes and Me is absolutely not a sad story. I try to write a story about friendships, trust or thoughtfulness from the children´s view. On the other hand I put some prepositions between the lines to teach the Little Ones in a fun way how we need to use them.

I hope you will like this story as well!

I will let you know when is the publish date.

Have a nice evening!

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